Activities for schools

The Civic Museum of Archaeology and Ethnnology, Modena, which designed the concept of the open-air Park and dealt with the scientific and educational issues involved in the project, offers schools three different types of learning experience. These experiences target Primary schools and first and second grade Secondary schools.


Primary School
3500 years ago in the great plain
The terramare and the mountains. From Montale to Monte Santa Giulia (Palagano)
From excavation to Museum. From Montale to the Archaeological Museum, Modena


First grade Secondary School
Learning by doing: archaeological methods


Second grade Secondary school
The hidden message: archaeology and unwritten history


Preparatory material for the visit
Worksheet 1. Timeline (.pdf)
Worksheet 2. The Bronze Age (.pdf)
Worksheet 3. Terramare (.pdf)
Worksheet 4. The Montale Terramare: the history of an archaeological site (.pdf)